HELP and FAQ's

Are we a shop? Are we just online? Can you come and look? Can you get stylish new fashion by the weekend???? Keep reading... let’s see if we’ve got this covered!

Have a quick scroll down and see if the answers to your questions lie below....


Where are you?

Our fantastic women’s fashion clothing online store Style Siren, operates out of Adelaide, South Australia, from our super busy office and warehouses.

Have you guys got a shop?

Nope – sorry! We are travelling with the way of the world, we are an online fashion clothing retailer – not your ‘run of the mill’ walk in store – it’s time to get cyber savvy!

Whaaat? No shop! How am I supposed to fall in love with all your trendy new season fashion for women?

Simple! By browsing through our super duper easy to use online fashion website

You can browse Style Siren fashion clothing from the comfort of your couch, from your mobile if you're on a lunch break, or come and pay us a visit so you can make use of our customer computers in our virtual store!

Can I come and look at everything?

Sorry, that’s a negative Roger! Everything’s stored out the back in plastic and boxes and stuff! We actually have waaaaay too much stuff to be hanging it all nicely on racks and shelves – seeing it on our website is definitely the easiest way to check out our women’s clothing and fashion range!

Wait though.... there’s a ‘but’! BUT....... We DO have all our ladies clothing, women’s fashion, new season styles, designer fashion plus celebrity and catwalk looks right here in our warehouse.... AND..... we have some high tech (to us they are!) customer computers at hand in our offices - so all you fashionistas can get busy searching our site for something to wear this weekend, and yes! You can take your new wardrobe with you straight away!


Wingin’ it isn’t working for me, I need to talk to someone!

Can I ring you?

There are no silly questions ;-) of course you can! Here’s our phone number – 08 8182 6595.

I'm ringing but nobody's answering the phone?!

The reason for that would be that nobody is here! Try ringing any time from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm – then we’ll pick up by the 4th ring, guaranteed!

Can I email you?

Yes, you can totally email us 24/7! And you’ll be shocked at how fast we’ll get back to you! Unless of course, you email us at 3am or something crazy… then you’ll just have to wait until the next day! (and also if it’s the weekend… then you’ll have to wait until Monday, unless Monday’s a public holiday then..... yeah you get it?!). Here's our email address -


Pick Ups

I’ve left it to the last minute, I need to be ready in an hour, can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

Yes! Quick, quick – before time becomes your enemy! You can place an order online and select ‘pick up from warehouse’ as your shipping option, then get down here! – or just rock up and tell us what you want – we’ll be super fast and get you looking stylish in no time.

This is where you need to get to – 25 Fenden Rd, Salisbury Plain SA.

When can I pick up my sassy new fashion wardrobe addition?

Have you already placed an order on the website or over the phone? If you have… then get over here as soon as you can, it’ll be ready before you can ask “What’s your address again???” We give ourselves a jumbo gold star for efficiency!

I work too you know! I can't get there THAT fast! What time do you close?

Ok, ok, ok! You can come and grab your pre-ordered women’s fashion and accessories between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

It’s Saturday and I need a dress for tonight... Are you guys open on weekends?

We could get technical and say our online fashion store Style Siren is open 24/7 so you can shop for awesome fashion clothing whenever you want! But if what you really mean is - are us humans here to sell you funky threads on the weekends, in the offices and warehouse? Alas, no! We need to get ready for Saturday night too! Wait! There's an update! We are now open on Saturdays between 10:30am and 3pm.... You're welcome :)


Getting the Size Right!

I found the best trendy new season fashion dress ever!! Can I try it on?

Once you’re at home you can! Our premises are offices and warehouses so unfortunately we don’t have any change rooms to try the clothes on here... besides that we might get a bit embarrassed if you get your gear off in our reception area…. That would be awkward.

How am I supposed to know what size will fit me?

As you all know – different shops = different sizes and different brands = different sizes so..... simply click on the fashion product you like on our website, then click on the size chart tab. Compare the measurements you see with your own measurements to select the size most appropriate for you!

How do I know what my measurements are? I’m just a size 12

Don’t fall for it! Size 12 or 10, 14 etc doesn’t mean much these days! See if you can get your hands on a tape measure and measure all your bits and pieces! If you don’t have one… do it the prehistoric way with a piece of string and a ruler, or check out the tags inside some of the clothes you already have!

Does this sassy women’s fashion clothing come in different sizes?

To be honest.....Usually not… We’ve basically already put everything we have available on the website for you! If you can’t see it – we probably don’t have it... BUT! There’s no harm in giving us a call to double check!


I found the perfect dress on your site! Now I can't see it, where’d it go?

There’s usually only a couple of possibilities:

Either -  The product has been turned ‘offline’  because it sold out - this way you don't have to look at things we don't even have in stock - we don't like to tease!

Or -  It is part of a 'Clearance' or ‘Style Steals’ range - these can't be found by using the search box or categories - you will just have to go to the Style Steals category and look through what we have - with any luck that awesome dress you found will still be there!


What if I want a particular style or trend?

I saw the world's funkiest new season clothing trend the other day, have you guys got it?

If you can’t see it on our Style Siren website then… unfortunately no! Everything that comes into our warehouse is put on line for you as soon as humanly possible – we will always do our best to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends so hopefully you don’t encounter this problem!

Now I’ve found the best women’s outfit on the planet, but not on Style Siren, can you get it for me?

Sometimes it’s a ‘yes’ and sometimes it’s a ‘no’! We would need more information from you so we can find out where it comes from, who the supplier is, blah, blah, blah – you should probably give us a ring!

I wasn't quick enough and now this outfit has sold out - when will it be back?

This one can be tricky! With the ever changing, fast moving world of fashion and constant new season trends hitting our shelves, there is a really good chance that once it’s gone.... it’s gone! If you need an answer post haste – it’s probably best to give us a quick call.


I ordered ages ago.....Where's my stuff?

How long will it take for my new fashion wardrobe to get here?

We do actually run around allllllll day long to make sure every order placed is despatched within 24 hours! With our express shipping method, your order will get to most metropolitan locations in Australia the next business day (other regional or remote locations will take 2-3 working days)

International orders can generally take anywhere from 3-4 business days to 21 – depending on the shipping method chosen during checkout.

How do I know you’ve even sent my order?

We ask for a valid email address during checkout so we can communicate with you. We will email you with your order and tracking (if relevant) details as soon as your order has been shipped.

Where's my order? Shouldn’t it be here by now?!

Have you checked that your postcode is actually within the overnight delivery network? Has it been longer than an entire business day since your order shipped? – then by all means grab your tracking number from the email we sent you and go to  One more thing.... back in the hey day -  Posties used to leave cards in your letterbox if they had a package for you and you weren’t home! This DOES NOT always happen anymore!!!! Australia Post are up with technical advances and update all tracking details (including dropping things off at post offices) on their tracking website…also - it is always a good idea to check if your parcel is sitting at your local post office!


What if my new ladies clothing doesn't fit or doesn’t suit me?

First things first.... have a read through the ‘Returns Form’ you received with your parcel. If everything is legit with the return of your item then go ahead and send your stuff back to us for exchange or refund. BUT! Please make sure you read the 'Returns & Exchanges' policies first, that’s really important!!!… because if we can’t re-sell our fashion then we have to be horrible meanies and not accept it back, which will make you feel bad, which makes us feel really bad....

Do you price match? I found the exact same fashion on ebay... heaps cheaper!

Well, well if this is the case and you believe it’s the same thing then buy it!! BUT!.... be careful –  there is about a 100% chance that what you’ve seen is a cheap rip off fake and will NOT look like it does in the photo nor will it be of a quality you would expect! However, if you think you have legitimately found the exact same outfit, in stock, from another Australian online fashion store… then give us a call and we’ll suss it out! P.S We don’t price match anything sold on Ebay, sorry!

Holy moly it's faulty! What should I do?

If you receive your stylish new fashion and it appears to be faulty – contact us ASAP!!! In many cases we will send you out a replacement quick smart (if we have it!) – but it will obviously depend on what the product is, we may ask that you send the faulty goods back to us first or we may even ask for you to send us a photo. This kind of inconvenience for you, our customer, needs to be dealt with on an individual basis!